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Staying Sane On Long Haul Airplane Rides

When I am preparing for a long haul trip, it is very important to me to make the actual airplane and airport experience as easy as I can. In this day and age you almost have to expect delays, flight cancellations, and lost luggage. I have found a few things I can do to help me stay sane. Here are my pro tips:

  1. Pack a carry-on that can get you through a few days in case your luggage is lost. It should include a few changes of clothes including something to wear out to dinner, makeup and toiletries, and anything else you would be devastated to be without for a few days. I include a good handbag, shoes and pretty scarf so at least I can feel stylish even if I end up wearing the same thing over and over. Having a well packed carry-on also helps if a flight gets canceled and your luggage ends up in New York, but you end up in Paris for a bonus day!
  2.  Have your Ipad loaded and extra noise canceling earbuds. I recently boarded my Business Class flight to discover the plane’s entertainment system was going to be down for all ten hours of the flight – thank goodness I was prepared with my own entertainment, or I might have gone crazy! 
  3. Bring a sweater or warm wrap. Planes tend to be cold, especially on overnight flights, and it is nice to have my own cashmere wrap or sweater in addition to what the plane provides. 
  4. Consider changing clothes before getting on the long-haul portion of flight and then back into “street” clothes upon landing. My family thinks I am crazy, but when I get to the airport of my long-haul flight (flying from San Antonio we always have to connect!), I change into “comfy plane clothes” in the airport bathroom. I take off all my makeup and moisturize my face. Either just before landing or right upon arrival, I change back into “cute clothes” I have stowed in my carry-on and put on new makeup. This way, I can hit the ground running when I land feeling fresh and clean. I think it is a game-changer in beating jet lag and enjoying the first day abroad. 

My final piece of advice is to relax and roll with the inevitable punches. I find when I expect issues to arise, I am much less stressed when they do. I am always ready to pivot and try to make the best of the situation, knowing that the reward of going somewhere wonderful IS worth the hassle!

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