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Just Back From…Lake Como

Lake Como has been on my bucket list for decades, and I was thrilled to discover it not only lived up to my expectations but exceeded them. It truly is as magical as “they” say. Allow enough time to get into the rhythms of the lake and the Dolce Vida!

Where I stayed: Villa d’ Este. Outstanding. A combination of gracious elegance and warm hospitality.  Don’t miss the Piano music each night after dinner on the terrace – from all the classics to Kool and the Gang. Think Dirty Dancing meets royal glamour.

Favorite meal: Although all our meals were delicious, I think I loved most the nights we walked from the hotel into the village of Cernobbio. The walk thru the grounds of Villa d’Este and into “town” is utterly delightful and there are several darling restaurants to tuck into for a pizza or homemade pasta.  

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